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Japanese and JLPT

Let's learn Japanese and pass JLPT as easily and as effectively as possible!

To whom that wants to know How to Speak Basic Japanese and pass JLPT・・・・

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Quick Japanese
Holiday phrases in mp3 format for you to download

Cool Japanese
An essential guide to slang, including "Wakamonokotoba" the words the youth prefer to use, And "Katakanago -Loadwards" from other languages which may make you feel confused.

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Step by Step J
A self-studying online course designed for use in holiday and work contexts.The syllabus incorporates ... More

Japanese for Work
Information and practice for giving telephone calls and daily conversation and so on, usingJapanese at work.

Japanese for Music
Songs to practise Japanese with
Japanese for Cooking
Recipes of recipe to enjoy Japanese food with simple Japanese(in English also)

JLPT Japanese language proficiency Test

1. Exam. 1994-1997 2. Grammar Lesson 3. Kanji Lesson
4. Vocabulary Lesson 5. Kana Lesson 6. Japanese Language Test
Grammar Items
Level 4
Verb-Formsどうし/ Te-Formて‐けい/Request;てください / te-aruてある/ te-iruている/ Nai-Formない‐けい/ want/wanto toほしい,たい/ Shall we/Let'sましょう・ませんか/ Modifying Nouns&Relative clauseしゅうしょく/ Adjectivesけいようし/ Particlesじょし/ Adverbsふくし/ Numbesrかず0-10/ 0-1000/ Big Number/ Countersじょすうし ひとつ/ Countersじょすうし‐ほん‐まい/ Daysようび/ Dateつき・ひ/ Telling timeじこく/ Period of time;Hoursじかん/ This, thatしじご/Conjunctionsせつぞくし/ Interrogative Pronounsぎもんし/ Expressionひょうげん/ Before and Afterまえに、あとで/ Canできる / Conjugation of "be verb" です/ Conjugations of Verbs‐ます / Give and Recieveあげる、もらう、くれる/ like and dislikeすき、きらい/ Particles は and が /
Level 3
Verb-Forms/ Passiveれる・られる/ Causativeせる・させる/ Politeれる・られる、お〜するお〜になる/ Conditionたら・なら・ば・と/ Give &Recieveあげる・もらう/ Hearsay&Looks そうだ/ Probabilityだろう・らしい・ かもしれない・はずだ・はずがない・ようだ/Intransitive and Transitiveじどうし&たどうし/ Auxiliary verbておく・てみる・ていく・てくる・・/Nominalizerもの・こと・の/ Comparisonsより〜ほうが/ Particlesは、が、しか・・/ Adverbだんだん、ぜひ・/ Pronounsこ・そ・あ・ど/ Expression ひょうげん/
Level 2
Level 1

Ranking and Trend inJapan This week
TOP20 Japanese SONGS(with Free Movie)
Thing what I want!
TV daramas
TV Animations
Challenge!-Things to do in Tokyo

Photos,Tea ceremony, Ikebana -Japanese flower arrengement, Game Center,Pachinko etc.

STEP by STEP Japanese-Free Self-Studying

1. Arrive in Japan 2. Night out 3. Shopping
4. At friend's home 5. Moving on 6. Work and play
7. Trouble 8. Illness 9. Speak more

Adverbs from Adjectives / aru/ Existence aru/iru/ Before and After/ Can / Conjugation of "be verb" desu/ Conjugations of Verbs / Foreign words "katakana-go"/ Give and Recieve/ Give and Recieve2/ Japanese sound/More Japanese sounds / like and dislike/Nai-form/ Particles wa and ga / Particles /Period of time/ Pronouns/ Questions and WH-words/ Request; tekudasai / Shall we,Let's/ Te-form/ This and That 1/ This and That 2/ Want/wanto to/ Word ommiting/ Word order
Adjectives for Clothing/Adjectives for Food/ Adjectives for House/Adjectives more/Adjectives shopping/Adjectives for Travel/ Counters / Counters2/ Date and months/Day of the week and Today, Tomorrow .../ Entertaiment/ Family/ Frequency/ Greeting/ House and rooms/ Instruments/ Job, Nationality, and Hobby/Languages/ Number1-10/ Number 0-1000/ Big Number/ Occupations/ Occupation verbs/ Place in Town / Position and Prepositions/ Sports/Telling time/ Transportations/ verbs(basic)
Accomodation/ Breakfast/Architecture/ Businessboom/ Business people/ Chopsticks-Don't!/ Cinema/ Cost of living/Driving/ Fashion/ Fast food/ Gifts/Greeting/ High Street/ Home cooking/ Hotels/ House and Address/ Museums/ Music/ Japanese Name/Menu/ Och-Tea/ Open and Close Hours/ partying/ Giving phone call/Politeness/ Reasional/ Ryokan/ Sake/ Souvenirs/Sweets/ Taxi/ Time/ Title of Psition/ Company's Division/ Traditional Food / TV /FAQ about Japanese life

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